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If you need help managing your bipolar meds, managing anxiety, or any other mental health conditions, contact Grey Matters Mental Health Clinic to set up an appointment and get the help you need. Lance Briggs, PMHNP-BC has experience with a wide variety of mental health conditions. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, substance use. ADHD, schizophrenia, or any other condition, you can get the help you need. Call us or sign up using the new patient form to get started.

Bipolar Meds and Therapy

Bipolar depression treatment has changed a lot for the better in the last decade. IN the past, medications with number side effects were often used in tandem with sedatives. Mood stabilizing drugs are in use today as a treatment for bipolar disorder. Here are a few examples of common drugs that can be used to manage bipolar disorders:


Valproic Acid


Divalproex Sodium


Each of these medications serves a different purpose. For example, some are used to treat seizure disorders, while others are more suited to treating mania. Still others are effective for depression. This is one reason it is important to work with a trained and experienced therapist to determine the best bipolar meds to be used alongside therapy to obtain the best results. If you need to renew medication, manage your anxiety, or speak with a psychologist for ways to better manage your mental health, give us a call.

Managing Anxiety & Working with a Therapist

When working with a therapist for medication management or to renew medication, it is important to understand that patients also benefit from therapy with a trained psychologist. Getting insight into past experiences, getting tools to manage interpersonal problems, formalizing lifestyle habits, and other tools can be extremely effective. Be sure to choose a therapist with experience working with with patients and mood disorders, as it can be extremely helpful. It’s also helpful to work with a therapist you get along well with so your therapy is as effective as possible.

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One-on-one therapy and medication management can be extremely effective for bipolar depression and bipolar disorder. Call us to learn more about what it means to work with us, and to get insight into our treatment options and how we strive to provide therapeutic care that is designed for your unique situation and experiences and to help you live your best life.

Lance Briggs, PMHNP-BC obtained his Master’s Degree in Nursing at the University of North Dakota. After working in Houston as an RN Psychiatric Supervisor, he moved back to the Northwest to open his practice. In his free time, Lance enjoys skiing, playing guitar, and watching Marvel and DC movies.

If you or someone you know is in crisis or experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. The 24-hour Seattle area crisis line is 866-427-4747 (866-4CRISIS)

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